Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sunscreen: Don't Leave Home Without It!

    If you're like me, there's almost nothing better than getting out and enjoying all that life in the great outdoors has to offer-- but be sure you protect your family's fun in the sun by making sure everyone always wears sunscreen.

    Harmful ultraviolet rays can not only cause painful sunburn, but too much exposure to the sun can lead to skin cancer.  Sunscreen helps protect you and your kids from both, while also keeping skin from discoloring, wrinkling and all-around premature aging. And don't forget, sun damage is cumulative and skin cancer can result from repeated exposure to the sun from the time we're young-- so teach your kids to start applying and reapplying sunscreen every time they go outdoors. And the earlier they start, the better-- many experts say you should start applying sunscreen to a baby at six months-- before that make sure your baby wears protective clothes, a hat and sunglasses.  As the kids get older and can put on sunscreen themselves it should become a habit, like brushing their hair or washing their hands.  An SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 15 or greater is recommended-- but the higher the number the better the protection, so choose wisely.  It's better to play it safe than be sorry, so slather on that sunscreen and get out there and enjoy!

    For more information on sunscreen check out these links:

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