Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer Break Doesn't Mean Breaking Ties

    With the last day of school fast approaching, I wanted to remind you that just because your kids are on break doesn't mean the wonderful social relations they've established over the school year need to stop.

    Here are some easy ways to make sure your children stay in touch with their friends. Even though the younger set is tech-savvy, not everyone has their own phone so why not help your youngsters and their friends put together hand written phone books with numbers where they can easily be reached. It's a great project for the last few days of school and the end result is shared phone numbers to stay in touch.

    Other ways to maintain strong friendship bonds over the break include scheduling Summer play dates before school ends, as well as being sure to invite your kid's friends to birthdays, barbecues and other events that happen while school is out.

    For older children, staying in touch can be all about phone calls, group messaging, Skype and basically anything involving social media. Just don't let them forget that nothing beats face to face interaction so be sure to encourage in-person gatherings to keep relationships going.

    For more tips on staying in touch check out these ideas:

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