Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mother's Day: Just Days Away...

    Mothers come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some are biological some adoptive-- but all are incredibly special-- and while societies have been honoring mothers for centuries, the roots of today's American "Mother's Day" date back to the 1800's with celebratory days known as "Mother's Friendship Day" and "Mother's Peace Day". "Mother's Day" as we know it didn't become an official U.S. Holiday until 1914.

    Celebrated the second Sunday in May-- this year May 10th -- Mother's Day pays homage to mothers for their love and sacrifice, as well as the contributions they make not only to their families but to society as a whole. Traditionally we celebrate by giving Mother's Day cards and flowers, and taking mom for a wonderful meal that she doesn't have to cook herself.  You still have plenty of time to plan something amazing for your mom, but regardless of how you celebrate be sure you let the lady you call "Mother" know just how much she's loved--  and that goes for grandma too!


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sound The Alarm!

    Stay safe this Spring and Summer with functional smoke alarms strategically placed throughout your home. Operational detectors should be on each and every level of your home and especially located both right outside and in all the bedrooms. Be sure to change the batteries once a year. It's also especially smart to interconnect your alarms so that when one sounds they all sound. This can give you a head start to safety if the fire is still a distance away from where you are in the house. Be sure you and your family have an escape plan and practice it. New smoke detectors also come combined with carbon monoxide detection. If you don't have a combined smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector, make sure you also install carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Why Family Vacations Are Important!

   Whether you take a fantastic trip or stay at home and plan nearby outings everyday-- scheduling time for a family vacation or staycation is important.
    Vacations create quality time when you put away work and concentrate on the people you love. You relax, and because you get the chance to explore new places and see and do new things you may have never done before, you're also learning without all the stress and pressure that often accompanies more formal educational situations.
    More than that, vacation time lets your children know they are loved and supported. Breaking away from a normal routine can foster a sense of adventure and the togetherness creates bonds that daily rituals can often block. 
    But perhaps the best part of family vacations are the lasting memories you can keep and share your whole life long.

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