Monday, August 27, 2012

Florida Domestic Partnership & Cohabitation Agreements
A Domestic Partnership Agreement, also referred to as a Cohabitation Agreement, is a binding contract in which the legal rights and responsibilities of the two unmarried partners are defined. This agreement is commonly used in establishing and protecting the rights of homosexual couples legally unable to marry in the state of Florida or heterosexual couples that choose not to marry.
Couples can register to receive official recognition of their relationship and health care rights on the Orange County Domestic Partnership Registry ( 
However, to secure the protection of rights concerning child custody, finances, property distribution, and other personal legal matters establishing a Domestic Partnership Agreement is imperative. In the case of life altering circumstances, such as death or dissolution of the relationship, a Domestic Partnership Agreement can resolve the uncertainty of an individual’s rights and responsibilities. A Domestic Partnership Agreement will allow both parties involved to have a clear understanding of their rights regarding finances, parental rights and property. A Domestic Partnership packet should be considered which would include registering on the Domestic Partnership Registry, Wills, Power of Attorney documents for use in places without a Domestic Partnership Registry, and a Domestic Partnership Agreement which includes property distribution, parenting plans and support plans.
This list is not inclusive based upon your individual circumstances.

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