Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Step-parent Adoption In Florida

        As our culture changes into a multi-dimensional family, the idea of step-parent adoption comes up more and more frequently. Step-parent adoption always requires that the natural parent losing his/her rights consent to the adoption of the child by the step-parent. If the natural parent is deceased, a death certificate must be supplied in lieu of consent. A home study is not required for a step-parent adoption in Florida. Additionally, the termination of parental rights of the natural parent and the adoption finalization can be completed in one hearing. It is always better to complete an adoption of any type with an attorney to assure that the process is done correctly. Some items to gather for a step-parent adoption are:

Certified Birth Certificate Of The Child Being Adopted
The Address History Of The Child Being Adopted
The Complete Contact Information For The Natural Parent Being Terminated

This list may not be inclusive based on circumstance.

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