Monday, October 19, 2015

Sibling Rivalry!

     The definition of  the nuclear "FAMILY" has certainly changed over the years. Family used to be thought of as a mom, a dad, and their biological children. These days families are more diverse and inclusive than ever-- often made up of two moms, or two dads, biological, adoptive and foster children.

     But some things never change and sibling rivalry is one of them. Brothers and sisters will inevitably find something to disagree about and when there's a mix of adoptive and biological kids it can become even more tense. So to keep the rivalry from getting too rough, remember  a few good rules:

- It's your job to set the tone. If you already have biological children prepare them for the addition of their new sibling(s).
- Many adoptive parents with biological children are proponents of respecting the birth order. While this is indeed a personal decision some families say bringing an adopted or foster child in who is older than the biological children can be disruptive.
- Remember, no two kids are the same but the rules around the house should be the same for everyone.
- Be honest with your children about their origins but let them know they are family and they hold a very special place in their new forever nuclear FAMILY now.


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