Friday, September 4, 2015

Donate During Hunger Action Month!

    Hunger in America and right here in Central Florida is a devastating reality, but we can all play a part in alleviating it.  In addition to trying our very best not to waste food, take action and donate whatever you can. Every little bit helps. You can also initiate a food drive, and the best way to do that is in conjunction with your local food bank.

    Just remember to collect only non-perishable items and never collect homemade items because you want to be one hundred percent sure that they are safe. Stay away from glass because it can break. Many food bank networks accept canned goods, fresh produce and dairy and juice with expiration dates.

    Feeding America is a great source of information:

    Here in Central Florida contact Second Harvest Food bank:

    There are also food pantries that appreciate support:

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