Friday, March 20, 2015

Selling The House Due To Divorce...

   Whether you have to or want to sell your house because of a pending divorce--  being prepared will get you the best price.  Some basics to know:
-Experts agree Spring and Summer are the best seasons to sell. Good weather brings out the buyers.
-Remember you have to pay off the mortgage, any lines of credit and brokers and closing fees as well as any capital gains taxes that apply-- before you make any profit to split. Despite these expenses don't over price.
-Hire an agent both parties trust. The agent can do the pricing and act as intermediary to avoid conflicts.
-Your house no doubt holds many pleasant memories but to be able to sell you have to look forward not back, or you may never be able to part with it.
-Have all pertinent information such as property taxes, home owner association fees, special features, new repairs, and neighborhood and area attributes at you finger tips to entice prospective buyers.
-Finally, keep personal affects to a minimum (i.e. family photos) then keep the house clean, uncluttered and inviting.

For more information about selling a house when divorcing try these helpful websites:

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