Monday, January 5, 2015


It’s 2015—the start of a brand new year and if you are like nearly half of the adults in this country (Yours Truly included) you made a New Year’s Resolution, maybe even several. But do you realize that only 8 percent of us will actually keep those resolutions. That’s right, 8 percent and most of us will give up before Valentine’s Day. So here are three tips to help you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions.
1). Set a realistic goal and be specific. Instead of pledging to drop 50 pounds this year, try giving yourself until the end of January to drop just ten. Instead of saying I’m going to save money this year—commit to saving a determined amount per week or month. If you’re successful you can set a new goal and make your New Year’s Resolution progressive.
2). Keep track of your progress. Count calories, write down your savings—whatever it is-- you will stay dedicated if you have tangible proof you are working toward a successful New Year’s Resolution.
3). Get back on the horse. Realize that you will have set-backs, but don’t get discouraged. Dwelling on the negative will only give you an excuse to quit. Shake it off, stay positive and restart your resolve. 

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