Friday, December 19, 2014


                    With the Holidays upon us, there’s no doubt a lot of chatter about “presents”—and that chatter most likely revolves around getting them. Everyone likes receiving gifts this time of year—especially the little ones.
       But this season, as you set out to fulfill their wish lists, whether for Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanzaa—why not take the opportunity to teach a lesson in giving. After all, “Charity” begins at home. I like to play a game of: “Let’s Make a Deal.”  Tell your youngster that for every new toy they expect to receive-- they need to donate a toy that they already have, but have outgrown. It will be easier to part with the toy since it’s no longer used. You’ll be instilling a sense of pride in your child by explaining how happy they’re making someone else's holiday. You can help them understand by reminding them how happy they are when they open gifts.
      You can also teach your children about giving by having them pick out a present that’s NOT for them, but that they’ll donate to someone in need.
      Even older kids can get in on the action. Have them clean out their closets of all the clothes they never wear to make room for all the new incoming outfits. You might even give it a go.
      There are lots of organizations where you and your kids can donate. Try:

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