Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Here’s wishing you the happiest Thanksgiving Day ever! As you gather around your table thankful for all the joys in your life, whatever they may be— take the opportunity to use this special dinner as a starting point to make family dinner a regular event.  It’s the perfect time and place to bond with your loved ones, catch-up on everything everyone’s doing, and create lasting memories while enjoying a delicious meal. With hectic work and school schedules and all those extracurricular activities it can be tough to find the time for family dinner, but the benefits are worth the extra effort. Studies show that children in families sharing dinner at least three times a week get better grades, have lower addiction rates, less depression,  healthier eating habits, and are less likely to be overweight or suffer from an eating disorder.  So whether you’re a gourmet cook or just like to order in, try making family dinner a part of your daily routine. The Family Dinner Project has great tips to get your started. Check it out at

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