Friday, November 2, 2012

November is National Adoption Month

            National Adoption Month raises awareness for children in the foster care system, awaiting placement within a permanent, loving, and stable home.  National Adoption Month has increased recruitment efforts for foster parents and permanent adoption through meeting events, adoption learning sessions, and adoption celebrations nationwide. These efforts have resulted in thousands of children being adopted in the United States and around the world over the past 22 years since the creation of National Adoption Month.

            Regardless of whether the adoption occurs from the foster care system or from a private source, adoption is key in providing many children with an opportunity to be part of a functioning, loving family.

National Adoption Day is Wednesday, November 21, 2012. This year’s theme is Adoption in the Digital Age. For more information on adoption, events in your area, and to help celebrate adoption, visit the National Adoption Month website at:

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